Making a difference for burn survivors

The 2024 Goal

Every year Profire hosts a golf tournament to raise money for the University of Utah Burn Center, specifically the Burn Camps they host for burn survivors. The burn camp supports self-esteem building, teamwork, and peer interaction. It costs between $700-$1,200 to send one burn survivor to Burn Camp. Help us reach our goal of sending at least 45 survivors to burn camp this year.

All sponsorship levels are sold out—thank you for your incredible support! Donations, regardless of size, are still greatly valued and appreciated.

Event Details

Location Fox Hollow Golf Club 1400 N 200 E, American Fork, UT 84003

Time Tuesday, June 18, 2024 7:00am - 8:00am warm up + check in
8:00am Shotgun start

Sponsorship Levels

All sponsorship levels are sold out—thank you for your incredible support! Donations, regardless of size, are still greatly valued and appreciated.

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Why Burn Camp Matters

Camp taught me how to be a survivor.


I was thirteen when my mother and I were burned in a cooking accident, and the consequences are still challenging even now. My mother was a recovering drug addict. When we started to receive pain medication for our injuries, my mother started using heroin. After our injury, I never saw my mother overcome her addiction.

I felt isolated and alone before attending camp, but the team building exercises helped me build trust in other people and have discussions about my injury. I left that first camp feeling a little less lonely a little more connected. I felt safe. I hadn’t healed completely but I was confident I would heal. Read More »

After camp, I viewed the future with hope, remembering the coping strategies I learned at camp. I think Burn Camp was one of the positive influences that changed the course of my life. Camp taught me how to be a survivor.


Hello I’m Brock and I’m one of the ones that goes on the Adolescent river trip. The river trip is so much fun we all have a great time on the trip and we also learn a lot about each other on the trip and we create a bond with all us campers. We all have one thing in common but we don’t care what we look like it’s the personality that we have a bond with. There are also other programs that we do too, one of which is an archery clinic and it’s basically shooting bows and arrows and we have lots of fun and we learn how to shoot a bow and arrows. Read More »

Another program we have is climbing clinic and what we do there is we learn how to do stuff other people might think is impossible for us to do after being burned like climb up to the top of the walls. Donating will help keep these things going so we can do them and show people we can do what we want if we set our mind to it.

Knowing he was not alone was exactly what he needed to start healing emotionally.


Payton was six years old when he was burned. As his mom, I was by his side through the whole thing, from the initial burn to wound care, to physical therapy. I held him as he waded through what seemed like an endless journey of pain, confusion, and heartbreak.

When I heard about burn camp, it felt impossible to send my son away for 5 days because of the trauma he experienced, but that first camp was beyond amazing for him. Knowing he was not alone was exactly what he needed to start healing emotionally. Read More »

The stories of his first year were never ending, he came home from camp with a new perspective—I saw a smile that I had not seen in almost 8 months. He learned not to be ashamed of his scars and to be proud of what he went through.

This year was Payton’s 10-year "burnaversary," which we celebrated with the people who have deeply impacted him, many of which were from burn camp. He has matured beyond years, and loves giving back and setting an example to younger survivors as a burn camp youth counselor and volunteer at the burn unit.


I got burned at a civil war reenactment parade when I was 10. A spark ignited the bag of gunpowder I was holding, burning my armpit, face, shin, and hands. I felt ugly. It left scars on me. A lot of people stared. My mom found a camp for burn survivors, but I really didn’t want to go at first. Read More »

I was glad because the whole week was a blast. I talked about my burns with others because I knew they truly understood, and the older kids told us how they got through their rough times. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I thought to myself that I love it here and want to stay forever.

After the camp and when I got home, people still stared at me, but I didn’t care what they thought. I knew that my scars were beautiful, and Camp Nah Nah Mah taught me that.